Women and the Divine

Women and the Divine


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This collection explores the question of whether it is possible to reconceive the category of transcendence from a feminist perspective. The contributors use the concept of transcendence to approach questions relating to the body, desire, and subjectivity, while offering a response to secular relativism.
The concept of transcendence is emerging as a central category of critical thought, both within and outside the field of religious studies. This collection brings together prominent scholars to ask whether we can re-conceive the category of transcendence from a feminist perspective, taking into account ethics, women’s subjectivity, (sexed) embodiment, and differing models for spirituality. The collection begins with a thought-provoking essay by Luce Irigaray, with whose work the majority of contributions engage. In a lucid and intuitive enquiry, contributors develop these themes both philosophically and within the contexts of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. Contributors come together in groundbreaking ways to illuminate the intersections between women and the divine.

Gillian Howie is Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Liverpool. She is series editor for Breaking Feminist Waves, author of Deleuze and Spinoza: Aura of Expressionism; editor of Critical Quarterly’s special issue on higher education; and co-editor of Gender, Teaching and Research, Third Wave Feminism, and Menstruation. She is currently writing Fugitive Ethics: feminism and dialectical materialism.J’annine Jobling is Associate Professor of Theology and Philosophy at Liverpool Hope University. She is author of Feminist Biblical Interpretation in Theological Context and co-editor of Theological Liberalism and Theology and the Body.

“This book engages in a creative and critical way with the question of women, transcendence, and immanence; the authors delve into the possibilities and drawbacks in both contexts and illustrate that reality is a complex and never straightforward matter. The book is accessible to readers at many levels of scholarship and provokes at all levels.  The journey into Women and the Divine is worth taking—enjoy the challenge.”—Lisa Isherwood, Professor of Feminist Liberation Theologies and Head of Theology and Religious Studies, University of Winchester


“Howie and Jobling have brought into focus, through this well-edited collection, an ambitious and profoundly challenging set of questions which emerge from an explosive interdisciplinary encounter between feminist philosophy, radical theology, and critical theory. This collection will be of major importance to all those interested in the religious roots of our fragile secularity.”—Ashley Tauchert, Associate Professor, Department of English, University of Exeter

Towards a Divine in the Feminine–Luce Irigaray * Transcendence and Feminist Philosophy: On Avoiding Apotheosis–Pamela Sue Anderson * Transcendence, Materialism, and the Re-enchantment of Nature: Towards a Theological Materialism–Patrice Haynes * Transcendence and Immanence: Coming of Age in Philosophy–Claire Colebrook * Women, Sacrifice, and Transcendence–Morny Joy * The Return of the Goddess: Femininity and Divine Leadership–Beverly Metcalfe * Cutting ‘God’ Down to Size: Transcendence and the Feminine–Mike King * That Which is God–Daphne Hampson * Islamic Spirituality and the Feminine Dimension–Haifaa Jawad * Shekhinah’s Kiss: Tracing the Inter-Face between Motherhood and God in the Holocaust–Melissa Raphael * A Very Particular Body: Assessing the Doctrine of Incarnation for Affirming the Sacramentality of Female Embodiment–Hannah Bacon

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