Everything About Me Is Fake . . . And I’m Perfect

Everything About Me Is Fake . . . And I’m Perfect


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The supermodel and author of the Los Angeles Times bestseller No Lifeguard on Duty tackles the perils of looking perfect and offers commonsense advice about how to feel good about yourself no matter what

Everything About Me Is Fake is a fast, funny, name-dropping, sexy read about how even the world’s first supermodel doesn’t feel close to perfect and never did—despite appearances to the contrary. This book explores how women spend their lives striving for the unattainable, trying to look like they walked off the pages of a magazine with Jennifer Aniston stick-straight hair bouncing in the breeze and Cover Girl smiles hiding the pain. She discusses why we need to feel perfect, and how our pasts, our unattainable ideas of beauty (thanks to Hollywood), and male expectations all collude to make women feel like they should be perfect.

Filled with anecdotes from her personal life that will shock and entertain, as well as concrete beauty tips that she learned while modeling, that will help anyone feel better in a matter of minutes, here is a book that no woman should miss.

In Everything About Me Is Fake…and I’m Perfect, the hilarious and candid follow–up to the national bestseller No Lifeguard on Duty, Janice Dickinson tackles our society’s unattainable standards of beauty and reveals the secrets behind her own lifelong struggle to achieve perfection –– from her bra–stuffing days as a flat–chested teenager through her career as the world’s first supermodel to her ultimate comeback as a bestselling author and television star on the top–rated reality television hit America’s Next Top Model.

Even as she graced the glossy pages of Vogue and Cosmo, Janice had to struggle to keep up the image of brazen self–confidence and bravado that became her trademark. Behind every smile and pose was a sea of self–doubt and insecurities. Now, after years of experience as a supermodel –– being stitched into clothing, starving herself, and undergoing cosmetic surgery –– Janice debunks the beauty myths and breaks down what’s real and what’s not. Drawing on her vast knowledge of fashion, beauty care, and fitness, Janice offers no–nonsense advice and tips on how to look and feel your best on your own terms.

you see on the magazine pages starve themselves for weeks on end, smoke up a storm, and scarf down enough diuretics to blast out the Pacific Ocean.

No one tells a story like the world’s first supermodel, and Janice’s eagerly awaited follow–up is filled with outrageous anecdotes from her personal life, including how she stole Donald Trump’s heart after jacking his limo, her steamy date with JFK Jr., and the wonders and pitfalls of going under the knife. In a fabulous fashion that only Janice can deliver, she tells all about her bumpy and unpredictable road to a healthy self–image and pulls back the curtain on the modeling industry, as well as her own life, proving why, as Janice explains: “Everything about me is fake . . . and I’m perfect.”

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