A Corpus of Early Medieval Inscribed Stones and Stone Sculpture in Wales Volume One

A Corpus of Early Medieval Inscribed Stones and Stone Sculpture in Wales Volume One


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Inscribed stones and stone sculpture form the most prolific body of material evidence that survives for early medieval Wales. The inscribed memorial stones in Latin or Old Irish ogam commemmorate the lives the Welsh elite of the time and are crucial to understanding the continutity of early medival Welsh culture with the preceding Roman culture, Irish settlements, and early Welsh kingdoms.
Mark Redknap is the curator of medieval and later archaeology at the National Museum and Galleries of Wales, Cardiff. John M. Lewis was assistant keeper, medieval and later antiquities at the National Museum and Galleries of Wales, Cardiff. Nancy Edwards is reader in archaeology in the Department of History and Welsh History at the University of Wales, Bangor.
PART 1Preface (including background)

Chapter 1. Earlier Research

Chapter 2. Recording Methods

Chapter 3. Physical Environment and Historical Background

1. Topography of S.E. Wales

2. Historical Background to S.E. Wales c. 350-800

3. Historical Background to S.E. Wales c. 800-1100

Chapter 4. Sources and Selection of Stone J Horák1. Distribution of potential source material

2. Factors influencing the selection and working of stone

Chapter 5. Forms and functions

1. Latin- and ogam-inscribed stones Formulae

2. Cross-carved stones

3. CrossesChapter

6. The Inscriptions

A. The Celtic Language of the inscriptions and their chronology P Sims-WilliamsB. The palaeography of the inscriptions G Charles-EdwardsChapter 7. Classification of cross types, motifs and ornament

Incised linear crosses

Incised ring crosses

Outline crosses

Sculpted crosses

Classification of ornament

Abstract repeating patterns

Line patterns

Figural representations/iconography

Faunal representations

Chapter 8. Sculpture: Regional and Local Groups

1. The introduction of sculptural techniques

2. Identification of sculptural groups

3. The Glamorgan disc-headed crosses

4. The Monmouthshire group of cross slabs

5. The Brecon crosses

6. Two late Glamorgan groups

7. The Anglo-Norman transition

Chapter 9. Production

Chapter 10. The historical and archaeological contexts J. K. Knight1. Latin memorial stones Fifth-sixth-century background Text and context

2. Incised crosses and cross-slabs

3. Later sculptured crosses.

Chapter 11. Chronologies

Chapter 12. Past, Present and Future

THE CATALOGUEForm of catalogue entries

Form of place-names

1. Breconshire (B1-B53)

2. Glamorgan (G1-G120)

3. Monmouthshire (MN1-MN5)

4. Radnorshire (R1-R6)The contiguous areas of

5. Herefordshire (H1-H7)

6. Shropshire (S1-S2)

7. Dubia


Letter forms

Decorative patterns

Index locorum

Index nominorum

A concordance of new with old numbering

A concordance of familiar names with new numbering


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