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Here’s what I tell my students on the first day when I teach one of my creative writing courses: You will be published if you possess three qualities—talent, passion, and discipline.In Write Away, New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth George offers would-be writers exactly what they need to know about how to construct a novel. She provides a detailed overview of the craft and gives helpful instruction on all elements of writing, from setting and plot to technique and process. To illustrate her points, George presents excerpts from a number of well-known writers, including Barbara Kingsolver, Harper Lee, E. M. Forster, John Irving, Toni Morrison, Stephen King, Ernest Hemingway, and Alice Hoffman.

In addition to being a clear and concise guide to fiction writing, Write Away also opens a window into the life of Elizabeth George. It reveals the inspiring personal story of how the distinguished author came to be published and how she meticulously researches and crafts her novels.

I have a love-hate relationship with the writing life. I wouldn’t wish to have any other kind of life . . . and on the other hand, I wish it were easier. And it never is. The reward comes sentence by sentence. The reward comes in the unexpected inspiration. The reward comes from creating a character who lives and breathes and is perfectly real. But such effort it takes to attain the reward! I would never have believed it would take such effort.

George’s solid understanding of the craft is conveyed in the enticing manner of a true storyteller, making Write Away not only a marvelous, interesting, and informative book but also a glimpse inside the world of a beloved writer.

“A useful book for the novice writer….Both aspiring writers and fans of George’s novels should enjoy the author’s insights into the creative process.” “An impressively thorough and down-to-earth guide…a perfect DIY guide for the determined new novelist.” “An inclusive and enlightening examination of George’s thoughts on the craft of writing.” “You should buy the book to learn her novel-writing specifics. They’re there in spades.” “Ms. George breaks down the elements of a mystery novel with such clarity….Even for a reader who doesn’t dream of writing, it is useful to understand this principle because it will enhance the reading experience of good books and enable you to recognize more easily what is wrong with the bad ones.” “A fabulous book for writers.”

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