Touch and Trace 123

Touch and Trace 123


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Touch and Trace 123 is a distinctive board book using humorous, quirky sentences and colorful illustrations to introduce numbers to babies. 

Young children can trace the indented shapes of numbers 1 to 12 to familiarize themselves with how they look and begin to practice the hand-eye coordination skills required for writing. Each number is presented in numeral and word format and is accompanied by a silly sentence and illustration such as "Three whales in party hats," "Six parachuting insects," and "Ten crabs playing cards." Talking about the pictures helps to familiarize babies with patterns of speech.  >hr
Isobel Lundie is an illustrator and designer. She graduated from Kingston University with first-class honors in illustration and animation. Since graduating, Isobel has specialized in children's publishing and has made books for the Salariya Book Company, Usborne, Random House, DK, and The Good Books Company. She uses a wide variety of materials such as collage papers, pencil, ink, and digital media.

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