The Excellencies of God

The Excellencies of God


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God’s attributes is the most practical of subjects, inspiring and shaping the entire Christian life. Contemplating who God is and what He has promised to do can bring great comfort to the most despairing soul. Moreover, it brings immense delight to all those who recognize their chief end as the glory and enjoyment of God.  In The Excellencies of God, Terry L. Johnson explores several aspects of the divine character and shows how they play a crucial role in our Christian experience. May God’s mercy and grace, His patience and wisdom, His truth and faithfulness, His spirituality and blessedness prove to be a blessing to all who peruse these pages.

Table of Contents:Preface

Introduction: The Christian and the Attributes

The Mercy, Grace, and Patience of God            1.         The Mercy of God

            2.         The Grace of God

            3.         The Patience of God

The Truth and Faithfulness of God            4.         The God of Truth

            5.         Liberating Truth

            6.         Pursue and Proclaim the Truth                                                                                          

The Blessedness of God            7.         The Blessed God

            8.         Our Blessedness in God                                                                                                                                              

The Fatherhood of God            9.         God Our Father

            10.       Pleasing Our Father

            11.       Our Father’s Children

            12.       Our Father’s Care

The Spirituality of God            13.       The God Who Is Spirit

            14.       Serving an Invisible God

            15.       Spiritual Mindedness

            16.       Spiritual Worship

            17.       True Worship                                                                                           

The Wisdom of God            18.       God Only Wise

            19.       Wisdom and Folly

            20.       Seeking and Submitting to God’s Wisdom

Terry L. Johnson is the senior minister of the Independent Presbyterian Church in Savannah, Georgia. Terry is the author/compiler of the Trinity Psalter and Leading in Worship, and author of The Identity and Attributes of GodThe Case for Traditional ProtestantismReformed Worship, and the trilogy When Grace Comes HomeWhen Grace Transforms, and When Grace Comes Alive. He and his wife, Emily, have five children.

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