The Edge of Dawn

The Edge of Dawn


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Blackboard bestselling author Beverly Jenkins delivers another heart-pounding romantic suspense that is guaranteed to thrill.

Regina Kane no sooner buries her father when two men claiming to be from the US State Department corner her. They say her father smuggled a priceless diamond belonging to a North African country, and it’s now a matter of national security that it be returned to its rightful owner. Regina agrees to go with them to DC to sort this all out, but is then kidnapped by the mysterious Anthony St. Martin (Saint, from EDGE OF MIDNIGHT). This is no knight in any kind of armor, but as they evade both federal agents and thugs intent on possessing this mystical jewel, Regina finds that the only man she can trust is the shadowy Saint…

The beautiful daughter of a prominent Michigan doctor,Narice has never strayedanywhere near the wrong sideof the law. Then her fatheris brutally murdered — andsuddenly federal agents areswarming around her likeflies, making accusations about a stolen North African diamond. But before they can interrogate her, she is wrested from their grasp at gunpoint by a shadowy figure — and Narice Jordan is on the run.

But is this dark, good-looking stranger who calls himself Saint her kidnapper or her savior? Narice knows nothing about any missing gem, yet there are two things she knows for certain:Only at Saint’s side can she find her wayto her father’s killers.

And she’ll have to trust this dangerous,ruthless, and deadly mystery man … if shewants to keep breathing.

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