Take it… Sloth!

Take it… Sloth!


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This book is full of fun, practical, creative activities that are designed to develop fine motor skills and increase attention and concentration.

Throughout the book, children will be guided by the kindest, sweetest, calmest sloth in all the jungle: Quick! Intrigued and perhaps even a little annoyed by all the noise he hears and sees day after day in the jungle, as he hangs upside down from a branch, Quick has decided to descend from his cacao tree. As he heads to a new plant, one slow step at a time, he meets plenty of hurried, bumbling, impatient friends. Join him on this adventure and discover how he reacts. He will teach his fellow animals how to appreciate the virtues of calmness and reflection, to follow his motto “Take it . . . sloth!”>hr

Federica Nuccio and Roberta Vottero have worked together at funnybooksproject.com since 2006. They create illustrations and projects for children’s books and have also created interactive cd-roms and animation.

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