One and Many in Aristotle’s Metaphysics: Books Alpha–Delta

One and Many in Aristotle’s Metaphysics: Books Alpha–Delta


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In this first volume of One and Many, Halper argues that books Alpha

to Delta should be read as a coherent treatment, within the larger

whole of the Metaphysics, which addresses the problem of how

there can be a single science of metaphysics. Halper shows that

Aristotle poses and pursues the problem of the existence of metaphysics

as a version of the problem of the one and the many, which

he resolves by introducing doctrines of being and substance.

Halper’s work develops a new approach to one of the most

extensively studied philosophical classics. He removes Aristotle’s

Metaphysics from the medieval and contemporary lenses through

which it is typically viewed and places it squarely within the

context of Greek metaphysical speculation. As a result many

passages become intelligible philosophical arguments.

Edward C. Halper is the Josiah Meigs Distinguished Professor of Philosophy

at the University of Georgia, and author of Form and Reason: Essays

in Metaphysics (1993), One and Many in Aristotle’s “Metaphysics”: The

Central Books (1989, 2005), and One and Many in Aristotle’s “Metaphysics”:

Iota–Nu (forthcoming, 2011)

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