Nine Days a Queen

Nine Days a Queen


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I had freckles.

I had sandy hair. I was too short.

Would my feet even touch the ground if I sat on the throne?

These are the words of lady Jane Grey, as imagined by celebrated author Ann Rinaldi. Jane would become Queen of England for only nine days before being beheaded at the age of sixteen.

Here is a breathtaking story of English royalty with its pageantry, privilege, and surprising cruelty. As she did in her previous novel Mutiny’s Daughter, Ms. Rinaldi uses powerful, evocative writing to bring to life a teenage girl caught in the grip of stirring times.

Ages 12+

“The combination of pageantry and maneuvering will likely appeal to fans of historical romance.” “Rinaldi introduces readers to a tragic figure in British history, bringing her to life in an approachable and readable format. … [A] captivating saga.” “Powerfully written in the first person, this well-researched historical novel is extraordinary.” “This novel is a must for history lovers but still relates to teenagers of today.”

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