Mary Queen of Scots

Mary Queen of Scots


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Mary, Queen of Scots polarized entire nations, weathered multiple romantic scandals, and immersed herself in intrigues and subterfuge to advance her claim to the British throne—a prolonged political battle which culminated in her notoriously botched and bloody beheading at the decree of Elizabeth I. It’s no wonder she has captured the imaginations of millions over the centuries, or that her dramatic life story has been recounted in plays, poems, songs, operas, and films. But now Susan Doran offers a fresh and compelling look at Mary’s life, narrated through vivid illustrations and analysis of the documents that form the original basis of our knowledge of this celebrated figure.
            An acclaimed scholar of Elizabethan history, Doran expertly recreates the life and work of Mary, Queen of Scots in an engaging and informed narrative, revealing a wholly new—and deeply human—dimension to her tumultuous and tragic saga. From her flight to France to the murders of her secretary and second husband to her final eighteen years as a virtual prisoner in England, each major stage of Mary’s life unfolds in fascinating detail, as Doran draws from a vast array of archival materials—including numerous letters and records set in their full historical context—and vivid portraiture from the period.
            This brilliantly illustrated biography of Mary, Queen of Scots paints a compelling and engrossing picture of the infamous queen and her tempestuous life. An invaluable read for every Anglophile, Mary Queen of Scots places the queen squarely on her rightful historical throne.

1. Early Life in Scotland and France 1542-1558

2. Queen-Dauphine and Queen of France 1558-1560

3. Widowed Queen of Scotland 1561-1564

4. Married Queen of Scotland 1565-1567

5. Early Years in England 1568-1572

6. Captivity, Conspiracies and Execution 1572-1587