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Luxury Fashion Branding


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A fashion branding and management text that brings an analytical business dimension to the marketing and corporate techniques of the luxury fashion goods industry.
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“Luxury is a necessity that begins where necessity ends.” These words, spoken by Gabrielle Coco Chanel in the early twentieth century, remain as true as ever in our current society. Luxury fashion has seeped into every sphere of our consumer society. It has become the norm to aspire towards attaining the delectable goods of brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Dior. This desire is further heightened by the fact that fashion has been made more available to the masses by brands like H&M and Zara who continuously offer luxury-style goods at lower prices. Also, globalization and technological and communications advancement have made fashion even more accessible. Consumers can now shop at will on the Internet, access a wide variety of goods and exchange instant brand experiences. These have made the average fashion consumer savvy, demanding and restless. To put it mildly, the luxury consumer and the luxury landscape have changed!
What do these imply for luxury fashion brands? A changing sector currently undergoing an important market evolution, internal management shifts and rapid expansion, in dire need of strategic business direction.
Luxury Fashion Branding is the groundbreaking first book of its kind that addresses the business of luxury fashion from a strategic viewpoint. It critically analyses the essential aspects of the luxury fashion sector from tracing the origins of luxury fashion to assessing its consumers, retailing tactics, branding and marketing strategy, business modelling and e-retail.
Presented in a clear language with pictorial illustrations, Luxury Fashion Branding will make an engaging reading for anyone who wishes to learn about the captivating business of turning functional products into objects of desire.

Uché Okonkwo is recognized worldwide as one of the pioneer luxury business strategists. A true veteran of the luxury industry, she has closely collaborated with renowned luxury companies including Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Cartier, Fabergé, Christian Dior, Burberry, Tiffany’s, Rémy Martin, Boucheron, Oscar de La Renta among many others.
She is the Executive Director& Founder of Luxe Corp (, the pioneer Luxury Strategy& Management consultancy company based at Paris’ famed Place Vendôme, with a worldwide clientele.
Uché initiated the creation of Club e-Luxe, the executive club for luxury e-Business professionals as a convergence point for luxury e-business professionals to obtain access to latest strategies, knowledge, tools, systems, applications and approaches required to optimize luxury online. Club e-Luxe which hosts an annual summit in Paris has become a reference in luxury online and is at the forefront of the advancement of luxury in the context of the internet, digital media and new technologies. A real pioneer, Uché is also the Editor of Luxe-Mag.Com, the leading luxury business magazine online which features among others, insightful digital luxury content.
Her 2007 bestselling book, Luxury Fashion Branding has been recognized as the foremost business text to provide concrete strategic analysis on the business of luxury has become a reference for luxury companies including LVMH, PPR and Richemont and an official text at several business schools notably Harvard, ESSEC Paris and London Business School. She has also conducted seminars in these and other institutions including HEC Paris and Sciences Po Paris.
She sits on the board of several luxury organisations and is an honorary fellow of the American Luxury Marketing Council. Uché has an MBA from Brunel University Business School London.

“Insightful and thought-provoking – this is an indispensable guide to those looking to understand the modern luxury industry.” -Mark Dunhill, CEO, Fabergé

“A practical and essential resource for anyone involved in the business of selling luxury fashion. At last, I have a resource to which I can refer people.” -James Ogilvy, Publisher, Luxury Briefing, London

“Uché has written a true classic that will be a benchmark for years to come.” -Milton Pedrezza, CEO, The Luxury Institute, New York

Luxury Fashion Branding demonstrates that fashion is not just about flounces and flash, but has a true business edge that cannot be given short drift.”- Yaffa Assouline, Editor-in-chief, LuxuryCulture.Com / Assouline Media

“Finally, the business of luxury has received what it has been missing for years, in this book.”- Christian Jagodzinski, CEO & Founder, Villazzo Villa Hotel Group

“This book is a must-read for anyone who is serious about competing in the luxury fashion arena. Uché’s insights on the strategic aspects of brand management have helped us position Bontoni at the highest end of the luxury market” – Lewis Cutillo, Co-Founder, Bontoni

“This is a pioneering exposé on a dynamic area of human endeavour –luxury goods-, focusing on it as a business.” -Wladimir Sachs, PhD, Associate Dean, Research, ESC Rennes School of Business, France

“This book is not just an excellent resource for the established luxury world, but an essential read for luxury players of the emerging markets who wish to compete on the international level” -Lieran Stubbings, Director, Global Luxury Forum

“Although the subtitle of this book is Trends, Tactics, Techniques, there’s a whole lot more than that. The author is nothing if not thorough. I was intrigued by this book” -Zoë Page, The Book Bag


Introduction * A Question of Luxury * What Is in a Name? The History of Luxury Fashion Branding * The Luxury Fashion Consumer * Luxury Retail Design & Atmosphere * The Art of Building and Managing a Luxury Brand * Digital Luxury * Le New Luxe * Customise Me! * The Luxury Fashion Business Model * Case Illustrations

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