Democratization, Development, and Legality

Democratization, Development, and Legality


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This book traces the evolution of Chilean political and legal institutions by looking at the process of democratization. As well as explaining the strengths and weaknesses of the political regime, Faundez shows the impact of legal institutions and legal ideology on the country’s political development.
Julio Faundez is a Professor of Law, Warwick University.
“This book fills an important gap in our understanding of Chilean development. By putting law and the legal system at the forefront of his analysis, Julio Faundez offers a strikingly original account of a political system in which legality and the constitution played central roles in the shape and outcome of political and economic conflict from the early Independence period to the fall of the Popular Unity government in 1973. It offers a model for the exploration of the role of law in the development of other countries in  Latin America.”

–Alan Angell, Emeritus Fellow of St Antony’s College, and former Director, Latin American Centre, University of Oxford


“This is an extremely valuable study that adds significantly to the understanding of the role of legal institutions in the political process in Latin American in general, and Chile in particular.  Faundez employs a wide gamut of sources for an original perspective and approach that provides striking insight into the process of social change in Chile.”

–Joseph Thome, Professor Emeritus of Law, University of Wisconsin

Introduction * PART I: STATE AND REGIME BUILDING * Building a Strong State * Political Liberalization and Civil War * Transition to a Modern State * PART II: PARTY DEMOCRACY * Relative Autonomy: Politics and Economics * Governance and Accountability * The Supreme Court * PART III: RADICAL DEMOCRACY * A Revolution in Liberty * A Peaceful Revolution * Legality Defeated * Concluding Comments

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