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This volume traces the island’s rich history as the last stronghold of the druids, through its strategic significance during the Edwardian conquest in medieval times, Telford’s major achievement in building the Menai Suspension Bridge, to the cultural and linguistic challenges of the late twentieth century.

The concept of ‘love of one’s region’ has always had a special resonance for the people of Wales. It has inspired poets, writers and historians through the centuries and it has enriched our appreciation and understanding of the colourful diversity of our local and regional culture and heritage.

The author has an intimate knowledge of the region and has the ability to interpret and communicate that knowledge in a lively and concise style to students, scholars and tourists alike.

“ . . . riveting . . . a joy to read . . . a fascinating panorama of our turbulent past.” –Anglesey Antiquarian Society Newsletter
“The author is not only a native of the island but also one of its most prominent historians and he has published widely on Anglesey’s political, educational and social history . . . I am greatly indebted to him for undertaking this vast task with such enthusiasm, dedication and scholarship.” –Catrin Stevens, Series Editor

“ . . . a concise and very readable history . . . ” –Cambria

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