Unseen Companion

Unseen Companion


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In the late 1960’s, in the small community of Bethel, Alaska, a beaten teenager named Dove Alexie is in prison. One day, he mysteriously vanishes, and curiously, there is no mention of hi s arrival or departure on the prison records. Four young people in Bethel tell their stories, and the narrative circles around Dove – their unseen companion.

Told with humour and insight, Unseen Companion spins together four unique voices that capture the complexities of human existence and the search for one’s place in the universe.

o Based on the author’s own experiences living and doing social work in fourteen Alaskan bush villages, which left Orenstein uniquely qualified to write the kind of loss and hopelessness presented in this novel.

o An intriguing and layered narrative structure, unique voices, and a brilliant over–arching metaphor that sums up one’s place in the universe make this a unique and resonant book that will stick with readers for years to come.

Ages 12 +

“A sensitive observer and a compelling storyteller, Orenstein offers a novel that is both touching and harsh.” “This gritty, tightly written Alaskan realism tackles harsh conditions and whether a sense of self is possible despite them.” “Older readers who want to further explore the realm of Jean Craighead George’s Julie will find this an eye–opening journey” “Orenstein’s quiet but powerful book will speak especially to readers who are outsiders or who feel culturally displaced.” “In Orenstein’s poetically rendered look at Alaska’s psychological landscape, this sense of nothingness is what also unites her characters.” “A multifaceted, compelling glimpse into Alaskan bush life.”

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