The Unofficial Princess Bride Cookbook

The Unofficial Princess Bride Cookbook


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With 50 food and drink recipes, The Unofficial Princess Bride Cookbook is perfect for fans who want to get a taste of the action along with some fun and interesting trivia.There are few movies that can be easily identified by a single word or quote, let alone close to forty. From “As You Wish” and “Inconceivable” to “Have Fun Storming the Castle” and “My Name is Inigo Montoya,” The Princess Bride left an everlasting mark on pop culture.

In celebration of the movie’s 35th anniversary in 2022, The Unofficial Princess Bride Cookbook is the perfect book for fans of all its beloved characters, and the indelible quotes that have made it one of the most quoted movies of all time.

Some of the iconic recipes include:

Albino’s Pre-Torture Nourishment

MLT: Mutton, Lettuce, and Tomato

Shrieking Eel Pie

“The Tuna Fish Discrepancy”

Fezzik’s Restorative Stew

Four White Horses

“Mostly Dead” Corpse Reviver

And so many more!

Try out these iconic and fan-favorite recipes and relate to your favorite Princess Bride characters and story through food and trivia with The Unofficial Princess Bride Cookbook!

The Unofficial Princess Bride Cookbook celebrates the 35th anniversary of the iconic movie with fun trivia and 50 food and drink recipes from its most memorable scenes.
Cassandra Reeder is an avid home cook and lifetime geek. For almost a decade, she has been helping other geeks and nerds all over the world make their fictional food fantasies come true at In 2014, she released The Geeky Chef Cookbook, which to her immense delight and gratitude, has been very well received. In 2017, she followed the success of that book with a sequel, The Geeky Chef Strikes Back, a collection of even more unofficial recipes from geek life, and in 2018, her collection of geeky cocktails and mocktails, The Geeky Chef Drinks, was published. Cassandra currently lives in Portland, Oregon.

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