The Sharpe Companion

The Sharpe Companion


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Named “the direct heir to Patrick O’Brian” by The Economist, Bernard Cornwell is the undisputed master of historical battle fi ction, and for more than twenty years, his Richard Sharpe series has thrilled millions of readers worldwide on both the page and on television.

Now author Mark Adkin, a major in the British army, has created this indispensable guide covering Sharpe’s early career, from his beginnings as an illiterate private fighting on the battlefields of India to his legendary command of the Light Company.

A treasure not only for fans of the series but also for anyone interested innineteenth-century warfare, The Sharpe Companion includes:

A chapter devoted to each Sharpe book

Glossary of characters, both real and fictional

Illustrations and photographs

Maps of every battle and skirmish

Full of fascinating historical details, thrilling contemporary accounts of actual battles, and impeccable research, The Sharpe Companion is a must for every student of military history and an essential addition to every Sharpe fan’s library.

“Richard Sharpe has the most astounding knack for finding himself where the action is…and adding considerably to it.”

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