The Renovare Spiritual Formation Bible with the Deuterocanonical Books

The Renovare Spiritual Formation Bible with the Deuterocanonical Books


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Many people are looking for a fresh way to read the Bible, not as a text to be mastered, but as a story to enter into and a lifestyle to pursue. In this unique Bible, the foremost names in Christian spirituality and biblical scholarship come together to provide a Bible that rediscovers Scripture as living text, rich with insights into how to live our lives more intimately with God.

Spearheaded by bestselling authors Richard J. Foster (Celebration of Discipline) and Dallas Willard (The Divine Conspiracy), The Renovaré Spiritual Formation Bible introduces the concept of the “with-God life,” a model for seeing the whole of Scripture as the unfolding story of God’s plan for our loving relationship with the Creator. This central theme weaves throughout the essays, introductions, notes, and exercises, powerfully revealing how God is present to his people today and throughout history.

Yet our relationship with God should not be passive. Concrete practices—Spiritual Disciplines—have been used throughout church history to guide disciples of Jesus. This Bible integrates the Spiritual Disciplines into the Christian life by showing how they are central to the Bible’s teachings and stories. Abraham and Ruth, Moses and Deborah, Jesus and the disciples all provide amazing examples of the life-changing power of prayer, worship, fasting, celebration, and many other Spiritual Disciplines. Scripture thus becomes a primary means for the discovery, instruction, and practice of these disciplines as well as a tool for spiritual formation.

Combining the highest possible biblical scholarship with the deepest possible heart devotion, this new Bible project seeks to nourish inner transformation by unlocking and revealing the profound resources within Scripture for changing our hearts and characters and bringing them in line with what God wants for our lives. The Renovaré Spiritual Formation Bible will redefine what the Bible means for Christian discipleship.

“The Renovar? Spiritual Formation Bible … is unrivaled as a classic work of biblical theology suffused with a pastoral heart.” “…[T]he most spiritually-impactful Bible of our time.” “This Bible is greatly needed.” “With great enthusiasm, I open The Renovar? Spiritual Formation Bible. One could not assemble a finer team to compile it.” “This Bible helps us desire intimacy with God, not just know the typical facts and knowledge. “[An] outstanding resource…Christians of many different traditions will appreciate this ecumenical resource devoted to spiritual renewal.” “…Many original and stimulating insights for the spiritual lives of contemporary Christians.” “This study Bible is both serious and accessible.”

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