The Power of Flowers

The Power of Flowers


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From field to forest and stream to sky, capture the harmony and beauty of the natural world with just some paper, flowers, leaves, and twigs. Creating stunning yet impermanent works of art, botanical artists at Sister Golden defy the notion that art needs to be permanent. Using nature as their medium, Sister Golden forages for natural materials that they then turn into an image, photographing the finished piece before returning the natural elements to Mother Nature or using them in another piece.
This beautiful book includes step-by-step instructions for 25 exquisite nature-themed projects, including seasonal pieces, portraits, and inspiring lettering work.
In The Power of Flowers, Sister Golden shows you how to create your own botanical artworks by:Looking at natural materials in a new way and seeing them as other things

Foraging for natural materials throughout the seasons without harming the environment

Caring for your natural materials

Arranging your natural materials into seasonal images, including portraits and indoor and outdoor scenes

Photographing your final creations (optional)

Recycling your natural materials back to the earth or into another artwork

More inspirational and less rigid in process, The Power of Flowers guides are not only about creating your own botanical masterpieces, but also enjoying the process of making art beyond the finished work. The Power of Flowers shows you how to get creative with nature through guided arts and crafts projects to create your own natural and recyclable gift or decorative piece.

Sister Golden was founded in 2014 by mother-daughter team, Vicki and Brooke. It began as an online-based shop, headquartered in San Diego, California, and quickly planted roots as a brick-and-mortar store in Fish Creek, Wisconsin. Sister Golden offers a thoughtfully curated collection of one-of-a-kind and vintage pieces from creative artisans around the world. Among the most unique offerings are Vicki’s flower art pieces, made completely from Mother Nature. Sister Golden has garnered attention from design industry trendsetters like HGTV Magazine, Spirituality & Health Magazine, Better Homes & Gardens, Apartment Therapy, Origin Magazine, and POPSUGAR.

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