The Nuremberg Legacy

The Nuremberg Legacy


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A front-row look at the Nuremberg trials and how they changed the course of history

Sixty years have passed since the Nuremberg trials of the major Nazi war criminals, but that event still stands as the foundation of international justice. Nuremberg not only ignited a revolution in international law but affected domestic law as well with its simple but profound priniciple that every individual accused of crime is entitled to a full and fair hearing.This book reveals how the precedents set at Nuremberg have affected human rights, race relations, medical practice, big business and even Germany’s post-war development. It also examines the Nuremberg trials’ influence on the modern war crimes trials of tyrants like Slobodan Milosevic and Saddam Hussein.

Norbert Ehrenfreund has served as a judge for thirty years in the Superior Court of California. He served as a correspondant for The Stars and Stripes during the Nuremberg trials. He now lives in San Diego, California.

PART ONE Nuremberg Redux
Chapter 1 Witness to the Holocaust
Chapter 2 The Defining Moment
Chapter 3 Who Could Be Objective?
Chapter 4 The Case Unfolds
Chapter 5 Defending the Indefensible
Chapter 6 Jackson vs Goering
Chapter 7 Jackson’s Breach of Ethics
Chapter 8 Deliberations, Verdicts, Sentences
Chapter 9 Twelve Other Nuremberg Trials
Chapter 10 Victims’ Rights

PART TWO The Nature of the Legacy
Chapter 11 Tokyo: Almost a Nuremberg Copy
Chapter 12 A Giant Step for Human Rights
Chapter 13 The Impact on Racial Prejudice
Chapter 14 The Importance of the Record
Chapter 15 How Nuremberg Changed Medical Ethics
Chapter 16 A New Meaning of Justice
Chapter 17 The International Criminal Court: Nuremberg Offspring
Chapter 18 The Effect of the Krupp Case on Big Business
Chapter 19 Nuremberg and the Supreme Court
Chapter 20 The Trials of Saddam Hussein

PART THREEThreats to the LegacyChapter 21 What Happened to Due Process?
Chapter 22 Sabotage of the International Criminal Court
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