The Miracles of Exodus

The Miracles of Exodus


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The Real Story of the ExodusColin Humphreys, a world-renowned Cambridge University scientist, reveals for the first time the concrete, scientific truth behind the Exodus miracles.

The Burning Bush: Caused by a volcanic vent that opened up under the bush.

Crossing the Red Sea: The water was pushed back by a very strong wind blowing all night. This is a known physical phenomenon called wind setdown. The details given in the Bible mean we can pinpoint where the Red Sea crossing occurred.

Drowning Pharaoh’s Army: When the very strong wind suddenly stopped blowing, the water rushed back in the form of a rapidly returning “bore” wave, sweeping Pharaoh’s army into the sea.

Mount Sinai: The real Mount Sinai is in present-day Saudi Arabia, not the Sinai Desert as is generally assumed.

“A simply fascinating, and extremely readable, study of the Israelites in Egypt and on the desert way to Sinai.” “A strikingly novel interpretation of the Exodus story that will interest many students of the Bible.” “This book will re-open the question of what happened when the Hebrews left Egypt for the Promised Land.” “Biblical history buffs will likely enjoy Humphrey’s exodian excursions.” “Fascinating, highly readable…carefully researched and cogently argued. Recommended.”

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