The African Diaspora and the Study of Religion

The African Diaspora and the Study of Religion


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The African Diaspora and the Study of Religion engages a variety of conversations at the forefront of contemporary scholarship in the study of religion and in African diaspora studies. These conversations include: the construction of racial identity in diverse national settings (Brazil, Mexico, Britain, North America); new religious movements and nationalism; alternative religious narratives in the diaspora; literature read through the lens of diaspora; trans-Atlantic culture (the role of Denmark in Nella Larson’s novel Quicksand, for example, or Ethiopia in Rastafarianism); and the role of the scholar and scholarship in the construction of religious and political meaning.







Theodore Louis Trost is Associate Professor in Religious Studies and New College at The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa.  He is the author of Douglas Horton and the Ecumenical Impulse in American Religion (2002) and, with Carolyn M. Jones, the co-editor of Teaching African American Religions (2005).  He teaches courses in American religious history, religion and popular culture, and interdisciplinary studies.

Introduction: Alexander Crummell and the Belief in African Superiority– Wilson Jeremiah Moses* PART I: AFRICA IN DIASPORA * Raising Champions, Taking Territories: African Churches and the Mapping of New

Religious Landscapes in Diaspora–Afe Adogame * The Bible and the Quran among the Rastafari and the Nation of Islam–Maboula Soumahoro * Ahmadi, Beboppers, Veterans, and Migrants: African-American Islam in Boston

1948-1963–Fatimah Fanusie * PART II: DIASPORA IN LITERATURE AND CULTURE * Robert Nathaniel Dett and African America’s Christian Kingdom of Culture, 1926-1932–Regennia N. Williams * Slain in the Spirit: Sexuality and Afro-Caribbean Religious Expression in Nella Larsen’s Quicksand–Merinda Simmons * Candomblé, Christianity and Gnosticism in Toni Morrison’s Paradise–Maha Marouan * PART III: DIASPORA IN LATIN AMERICA * Understanding Diaspora Culture: African Religious Heritage in the Caribbean–Katherine A. Smith * The African Diaspora in Mexico: Santeria, Tourism and Representations of the State–Angela N. Castañeda * Writing out Africa? Racial Politics and the Cuban regla de ocha–Christine Ayorinde * PART IV: DIASPORA IN THEORY * Macumba Has Invaded all Spheres:  Africanity, Black Magic and the Study of Afro-Brazilian Religions–Kelly Hayes * Early American Pentecostalism: Race, Religion and the Politics of Anticipation–Matthew Waggoner * Toward a Tradition of African American Pragmatic Religious Naturalism–Jonathon Kahn * Conclusion:  “‘Africa’ in the Study of African American Religion”–Eddie S. Glaude * Afterword: “‘Religion’ in the Study of the African Diaspora”–Russell T. McCutcheon

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