Terrorism in America

Terrorism in America

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Terrorism and terrorists have become a much talked about topic.  Terrorism is often seen as a Middle Eastern problem and terrorists are often perceived as only having a Muslim background.  It may surprise many to learn that Americans are and have been terrorists since the birth of the nation.  This book investigates and discusses many instances in which Americans were themselves the terrorists and the victims. 
Brenda J. Lutz is a research associate at the Decision Sciences and Theory Institute, Indiana University-Purdue University at Fort Wayne.  James B. Lutz is Professor and Chair of the Department of Political Science at Indiana University-Purdue University at Fort Wayne. They have previously co-authored a textbook, Global Terrorism (2004) and Terrorism: Origins and Evolution (2005). They have also co-authored ten articles and chapters that deal with terrorism and political violence.

“An in-depth, thoughtful, well-written and highly accessible case-study of the history of terrorism in the United States.  The authors successfully debunk popular conceptions of terrorism suddenly being a threat to the United States. The book proceeds in a logical fashion, one that is useful to students, instructors, scholars, and the wider public.”


–Jeffrey Ian Ross, author of Political Terrorism: An Interdisciplinary Approach  

” This is an important contribution to the study of terrorism. It explains how terrorism is an historical phenomenon, even in the United States, and illustrates how the old versus new terrorism debate can help us understand modern terrorism in a holistic and historically accurate manner. The authors also conclude with an important and timely warning that the United States will need to deal with the threats that terrorism creates while still maintaining an appropriate respect for the civil liberties of individuals.”


–Andrew Tan, Associate Professor of Social Science and International Studies, University of New South Wales, Australia


Terrorism: Concepts and Causes * The Colonial Era: Rebellion and Dissent * Before the Civil War: Mob Violence in Jacksonian America * From the Civil War to World War I: Racism, Labor Disputes and Anarchism * The Interwar Years: The Red Scare to Facism * 1940-1980: McCarthyism, the Civil Rights Struggle, and the Left * Into the Twenty-First Century: International and Domestic Attacks * Conclusion: Two Hundred and Fifty Years of Terrorism in the United States

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