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In Spiritugraphics, authors Brad Benbow and Phil Daniels explore, through research and case studies on some of the top brands and companies, the question of whether or not faith influences consumption and to what extent it influences our day-to-day purchasing decisions with the goal of helping companies reach this deeply connected segment of the marketplace. Does a person’s faith affect what they buy and don’t buy? What about where they make their purchases? Are consumers shopping differently today versus three to five years ago? These and other key questions were posed to women of all age groups in a national behavioral study executed by America’s Research Group between December 2020 and January 2021.

In Brad Benbow and Phil Daniels’ groundbreaking book, Spiritugraphics: The Influence of Faith on Consumption and Why It Matters to Your Brand, you will discover keen insights into topics important to marketers like:

How much does “Made in America” affect shoppers of faith?

In spite of current culture change, political correctness and consequences of  expressing diverse thought, 42.4% of female Christians in the US say that “American-made” is very important.
Does “holiday” vs. “Christmas” really matter to people of faith?

According to the research, 60% stated that any retailer promoting “Christmas” rather than “Holiday” (or other references) had a significant advantage with them compared to their  competitors.
Marketers and brand managers have long operated under the framework of demographics, psychographics, and sociographics. Authors Benbow and Daniels present a new set of data points to be considered: Spiritugraphics. Ultimately the book provides ten key “Spiritugraphics” that you and your company/brand should pay close attention to if you want to reach this highly engaged and deeply connected segment of the marketplace. Brad Benbow is the Chairman & CEO of Prolific. A nationally recognized growth strategist, Benbow regularly advises some of the fastest-growing organizations in the US, holding more than forty years of experience in revenue, media, and marketing. Benbow also co-founded Prolific portfolio companies, JDA Worldwide and Conquer. A Wabash College graduate with a degree in Economics, Brad started his career with Ackerman & McQueen in Dallas and went on to co-found Rutter Communications Network, the leading cable advertising rep firm in the US, before selling the firm to Comcast in 2005. Brad serves on the boards of Answers in Genesis, Biglife, and Invesque and is one of the original Centurions from Chuck Colson’s Center for Christian Worldview. He and his wife, Julie, have three grown sons and daughters-in-law, seven grandchildren, and are lifelong St. Louis Cardinals fans. Despite having traveled the world, his favorite place will always be by the lake in Traverse City, Michigan.
Phil Daniels’ gift is his ability to help impact-oriented leaders achieve meaningful goals in their businesses and communities without losing sight of their core identities. He's seen significant success with his career agency work and brand consultancy work, with which he produced remarkable results for Salesforce, McLaren Automotive, and Chase Bank. He took what he learned as an advisor and tested it as a cofounder of Springbuk, a health intelligence platform used by nearly 6,000 employers, earning “Top Company Culture,” “Best Place to Work,” and “Culture of the Year” honors as the company flourished. Today, Phil mingles his executive and technical expertise as President of JDA Worldwide, where he focuses on growth and strategic initiatives for global brands on a mission. What sets Phil apart, and keeps him sharp, is an abiding passion for his family, the various boards on which he serves, and the pursuit of sommelier mastery, all of which keep him attuned to appreciating what is good and impactful in every moment.

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