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Field of Glory Rulebook


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Field of Glory is a new historical miniature tabletop wargaming rules system for anyone interested in recreating the battles of Rome, Greece or the Holy Land, among others. This series is intended to give both beginner and expert wargamers everything they need to play the battles of ancient and medieval eras on their tabletops. Tested and created by wargaming experts, this series includes a rulebook detailing the gaming system, and companion army lists which help players select and build their historically accurate army with the relevant units or troop types they want to take onto the field of battle.

The striking Field of Glory rulebook includes color coding for easy navigation, clear photographs of miniatures (taken by Wargames Illustrated editor Duncan McFarlane) and diagrams (showing rules examples, troop placements,
scale considerations and more), detailed Osprey artwork, a guide to figure painting, an overview of the history of this miniature world of warfare, organization tables and a background to the men who fought on the ground. Containing two ready to use army lists, this rulebook can either stand alone and be used for immediate gaming, or can be combined with the companion army list volumes to recreate a very diverse range of conflicts in each period of the eras covered.

Published in partnership with Slitherine Software Ltd, a developer and publisher of historical strategy games, Field of Glory already has the table-top gaming community buzzing.

Written by renowned wargaming experts, including Richard Bodley Scott, former contributor to Wargames Research Group’s DBM series. The author lives in Oxford, UK.

“And because basing in the game is pretty much the same as with other rules sets, there really isn’t a good reason not to pick up a copy. It’s almost a guarantee Field of Glory will become a mainstay if not the dominant force within tournament circles, so folks would do well to begin familiarizing themselves with the way the system works. There is even a spiffy support site at, so what more could one want? Yes, it’s really that good, and the Osprey — Slitherine partnership are to be congratulated on an exceptional piece of wargaming work for their first effort. Ave!” —Mike Dorn, Wargamer (December 2008)“Wargame players will relish Field of Glory, a set of complete rules with explanations on how to play, diagrams of key points, photos of miniatures in action, army lists and much more. From different action phases to reference materials, this set of wargaming rules for ancient and medieval tabletop gaming will delight players.” —California Bookwatch (April 2008)“In short, with the production values and the quality of game design, I think we are looking at the system that will dominate the next decade of Ancients in the way that WRG and DBX have dominated in their time.” —Richard Milner, DAKKA DAKKA“Field of Glory is THE new standard in historical Ancients miniatures war game rules… The hardbound ‘Field of Glory’ rules are gorgeously laid out in full color with an index (yay!), full color diagrams and examples of play, art from Ospreys other titles, and color coded and tabbed chapters… check out Field of Glory. I think you’ll be impressed.” —Matthew Redland, GameKastle customer“Field of Glory is the basic book for a new system for tabletop wargaming, the first such in then years. It sets out a clear and comprehensive set of rules, army lists, scoring, rules for unusual things like the effects of elephants or scythed chariots, in fact everything seems to have been thought of. It is well illustrated with colour diagrams showing the various possible moves as well as plates and photographs. Even I, as a non-wargamer, could use these rules!” —John Prigent, Internet Modeler (March 2008)“A new set of rules, representing the combined efforts of Osprey and Slitherine Publishing, appears to have sparked a renewed interest in ancient/medieval wargaming. Beautifully illustrated with drawings from Osprey books (and featuring a majority from the late Angus McBride), the hardbound Field of Glory (FoG) rules are very professionally done … Rise of Rome (RoR) allows wargamers to field forces from the Republican Roman Era … Storm of Arrows (SoA) covers Late Medieval Europe with 27 different armies and 11 allied forces from the 100 Years War to Free Companies to Condotta Italian and Later Granadine. The FoG rules have increased the interest in gaming, both locally and around the world (my contact with Osprey said the first run had already sold out!). The rules are fun to play; I enjoyed playing and watching the games in action at Little Wars and look forward to seeing more at Enfilade in May.” —Michael Koznarsky, Historical Miniature Gamer (Issue 10) on Field of Glory, Rise of Rome and Storm of Arrows

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