Biscuit Visits the Big City

Biscuit Visits the Big City


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For fans of Clifford and Spot, welcome everybody’s favorite little yellow puppy, Biscuit, in an I Can Read adventure!

The city is a big, busy place for a little yellow puppy. From gazing at the tops of tall buildings to chasing pigeons across crowded sidewalks, there’s so much to do! There are more people than Biscuit’s ever seen before, too — and so many new friends to make!

Biscuit Visits the Big City, a My First I Can Read book, is carefully crafted using basic language, word repetition, sight words, and sweet illustrations—which means it’s perfect for shared reading with emergent readers. 


The city is a big and busy place for a little puppy-there are tall buildings, honking cars, and all kinds of new friends to make!

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