A Guide to Welsh Literature: 1900-1996

A Guide to Welsh Literature: 1900-1996


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This is the sixth in a series of volumes outlining the history and development of Welsh literature from its beginnings in the sixth century to the present day.

This book provides a detailed critical introduction to the literature of the Welsh language in the twentieth century. The opening chapter discusses the literary revival which began towards the end of the nineteenth century and which had a crucial influence on twentieth-century literature. It is followed by chapters on the literature of the First World War, the rich poetic tradition, the novel, the short story, and drama. The volume closes with a survey of the contemporary situation.

No period can compare with the twentieth century in terms of quantity or quality of literature. This abundance is assessed by a team of experts who write with critical authority on the state of modern Welsh literature. The result is an informative guide which shows what is both excellent and distinctive in twentieth-century Welsh literature.

Dafydd Johnston is Professor and Head of the Department of Welsh at University of Wales, Swansea. He is a distinguished author and editor of many books and articles on Welsh literature.

Dafydd Johnston, The Literary Revival;Gerwyn Wiliams, The Literature of the First World War; T. Robin Chapman, Poetry between the Wars;Robert Rhys, Poetry 1939-1970;T. Gerald Hunter, Poetry 1969-1996;John Rowlands, The Novel;Megan Tomos, The Short Story;Elan Closs Stephens, A Century of Welsh Drama;R. M. Jones, The Present Situation.

“I recommend this book to all who would like to know something about the Welsh literature of our century and especially to the teachers of Wales whose responsibility and privilege it is to inspire our young people.” –Western Mail
“. . . a project notable for its critical authority and its accessible scholarship . . . The twentieth century has seen Welsh-language literature leap ahead, in quantity, diversity, and quality. This true abundance is reviewed and shrewdly assessed by nine experts who show what is both distinctive and excellent in it. They are refreshingly free of piety . . . They are primarily concerned to judge how multifaceted creativity and imagination mirror a turbulent century of cathartic economic, social and political change. They do this brilliantly, cheerfully modifying cherished assumptions and challenging undeserved reputations as they sweep along . . . Detailed indexing and extensive chapter bibliographies enhance the major reference utility of a literary guide outstanding for its thorough scholarship, intelligent judgements, independence of mind, and its ready accessibility to pundit and lay reader alike.” –Reference Reviews
“. . . a useful addition to the series and will provide the general reader and undergraduate with enough material to help him or her to understand the context in which literature is still written in Welsh.” –www.gwales.com

“. . . a scholarly and detailed appraisal of the literature of the Welsh language . . . will certainly appeal to the serious student as well as to anyone with a general interest. Dafydd Johnston who edits this volume, has done so with skill, enthusiasm and sound judgement.” –Roundyhouse

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