101 Super Cute Things to Draw

101 Super Cute Things to Draw


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Learn to draw tons of cute and quirky stuff with the creative prompts, practice pages, and 100+ step-by-step drawing projects of 101 Super Cute Things to Draw.Specifically geared toward beginning and aspiring artists of all ages, 101 Super Cute Things to Draw features:

More than 100 easy-to-follow drawing projects that help you quickly learn to create super cute illustrations in a super simple way.

Adorable animals, darling little foods, enchanting everyday objects, and nifty natural wonders, all designed for maximum delight.Practice pages and fun doodling prompts that provide an interactive experience that allows you to be silly and enjoy the creative process of drawing.

101 Super Cute Things to Draw is perfect for beginners, as well as young artists, with its simple illustrations and easy-to-follow drawing steps. For those who want to learn how to draw everything adorable and amusing, this book is for you! With this book, you’ll learn to draw:

Everyday objects, including a teapot, balloons, and a terrarium

Food, including a cinnamon bun, a sushi roll, and strawberries

Nature, including a mushroom, a tiny forest, and a rainbow and cloud

Animals, including a red panda, a sloth, and a cow

Mythical creatures, including a yeti, a dragon, and a jackalope

So grab your pencils, some paper, and a copy 101 Super Cute Things to Draw to create plenty of giggle-worthy drawings!

Bursting with humor and imagination, books in the 101 Things to Draw series will put a smile on your face with original mash-ups, step-by-step drawing instructions, doodling exercises, and mindfulness activities.

101 Super Cute Things to Draw features more than 100 step-by-step drawing projects to teach beginning and aspiring artists how to draw simple and adorable illustrations.
Lauren Bergstrom was born and raised in South Africa, and has been doodling cute things since she can remember. When she’s not drawing or painting, she spends her time designing crochet patterns for little stuffed animals at mohumohu.com, and making video games with her partner at Studio Any Percent. She lives in Canada with her family, in a small home filled with cute and fluffy things. 

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